A Beginner's Guide to mBot


Educational ideas

With a screwdriver and step-by-step instructions, children can build their own robots from scratch and enjoy the fun of hands-on creation. The building process provides a perfect opportunity to introduce to kids the basics of robotic mechanical and electronic parts. They can easily get started with block-based programming to play with mBot.

List of items

Unbox and check if you have all the parts by referring to the list below.
If there are any missing parts, feel free to email us at service@makeblock.com.


Note: The Infrared Remote Controller needs a CR2025 battery (NOT INCLUDED), and the robot needs 4 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

Meet the components



mCore is an easy-to-use main control board specially designed for mBot. Based on Arduino Uno, mCore integrates various onboard sensors, such as the buzzer, light sensor, RGB LED, etc., which provides you with an easy way to start learning electronics.

For more information, see mCore – Main Control Board for mBot.

Me Ultrasonic Sensor


Me Ultrasonic module is an electronic module designed for distance detection. The distance range it can detect is 3-400 cm. mBot can use this module to avoid obstacles or for other programs about distance detection. The yellow tag on the interface of this module indicates that it is a single digital interface and that it should be connected to a port with the yellow tag on the main control board.

For more information, see About Me Ultrasonic Sensor (for mBot).

Me Line Follower


Me Line Follower is designed for line-following robots. There are two sensors, each with an IR transmitting LED and an IR static induction phototransistor. mBot can move along a black line on a white background or a white line on a black background. It features fast detection and simple circuits. The blue tag on the interface of this module indicates that it is a dual digital interface and that it should be connected to a port with the blue tag on the main control board.

For more information about Line Follower, see About Me Line Follower (for mBot).

TT Geared Motor

TT Geared Motor DC 6 V / 200 RPM is the new power source with plastic gears. The TT Geared Motor perfectly works with Makeblock Plastic Timing Pulley 62T and Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for the wheel systems of DIY projects. It can be used to power mBot.

For more information, see About TT Geared Motor DC 6 V / 200 RPM (for mBot).

Assemble mBot

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10




Step 11



Good job! Once you have finished the assembly and double-checked the connection of the cables, you may proceed to the next phase of programming.

Programming examples

  • Factory firmware and Online firmware

Before you start, you really need to know about the differences between Factory firmware and Online firmware, so that you know which one to use first.

    • Factory firmware: The factory has preset procedures for the robot, such as obstacle avoidance mode and line following mode. Users can switch modes by remote control or on-board buttons to experience the fun of the robot.

    • Online firmware: It is mainly used in online-mode programming scenarios. The preset program takes up memory capacity on the main console, so the online firmware does not include the three preset modes found in the factory firmware, but provides more sensor support for online programming.

Control/ Program with app(s) on your smart devices:

  • Program mBot with the mBlock app

For details, see Program mBot with the mBlock App.

  • Control mBot with the Makeblock app

For details, see Control mBot with the Makeblock App.

  • Program mBot with the mBlock Blockly app

For details, see Program mBot with the mBlock Blockly App.

Program with mBlock 5 on your computer:

  • Program mBot with mBlock 5

For details, see Program mBot with mBlock 5.

After-sales services

You can find basic materials and FAQs in our help center.

  • After-sales service contact: service@makeblock.com

For product return, replacement, and use problems, you can contact us through this email address.

More information

  • FAQs on mBot

For details, see FAQs on mBot.

  • Troubleshooting on mBot

For details, see Troubleshooting on mBot.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing Makeblock products!

Thank you for choosing mBot! We hope you can enjoy your journey with mBot, using it for self-learning and development. We are committed to contributing to a better education.


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