FAQs on mBot

1. How to reset the default programs of mBot in mBlock 5?

Step 1 Download the latest mBlock software latest version in this link 

Decompress the file after downloading and installing the mBlock software on your PC.

Step 2 Connect mBot to PC with the original USB cable and turn on the mBot.

Step 3 Open mBlock software, click on “+” and choose mBot from the device library. By the way, Codey is the default device and it is ok if you just delete it. If you also see the “download icon” against mBot, please download it and reopen the software and add mBot here. Then click Settings > Update Firmware > select online firmware to update the firmware or select factory firmware to reset the default program.



2. How to change the speed of mBot?

If you control the mBot through IR remote controller with the factory default program, the 1-9 keys on the IR remote control are set to adjust the speed of the mBot. 1 for slowest and 9 for fastest.


3. When do I need to replace the batteries?

1. mBot moves slowly or even restarts automatically when it turns around or encounters an obstacle.

2. mBot still doesn't move even when you set its speed at the maximum value.

3. mBot connects to Makeblock APP via Bluetooth successfully, but it disconnects automatically. 

4. How long can mBot be used on a full charge?

Under the mode of default patrol, mBot can work for 10 hours when fully charged.

5. Is mBot compatible with Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity?

Yes, mBot is compatible with both Bluetooth and 2.4G connection modes. But please note that these two modes cannot be used simultaneously.

6. How to connect a mBot to mBlock 5 via 2.4G?

Computers with the following systems are recommended:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS: macOS Sierra 10.12 or later

To connect a mBot to mBlock 5 via 2.4G, we need the 2.4G module and adapter.


You can use them simply by plugging them. No drivers or pairing is required.

1. Insert the 2.4G module into mCore on mBot and insert the adapter into a USB port of a computer.

2. Turn on your mBot.



3. Under Devices, click add, choose mBot from the pop-up Device Library window, and click OK.



4. Click Connect, and from the pop-up device connection window, click Connect on the 2.4G tab.


After the successful connection, mBlock 5 displays the following information indicating the 2.4G connection.


The firmware of mBot cannot be updated through 2.4G connection.

If mBlock 5 prompts you to update the firmware of mBot during programming, exit from the 2.4G connection and connect mBot to mBlock 5 in the USB mode to update its firmware. Then you can connect mBot to mBlock 5 in the 2.4G mode for programming.

7. How to match the Phone/ Tablet when I using more than one mBot?

If you use more than 3 mBots in the same room at the same time, you may be confused when connecting mBot and mobile App through bluetooth, because all the bluetooth named by Makeblock, which may cause wrong robot connecrion.  

Under this circumstance, please take the following one-to-one pairing step:

1. Leave one mBot on and the rest off

2. Use a phone or tablet to match the one you turned on, pair them one-to-one

3. The rest mBots are also matched in the same ways

8. What's the differences between [online firmware] and [factory firmware]?

In order to improve the playability of the mBot, Makeblcok comes with a built-in default program.

  • Factory firmware: The factory has preset factory procedures for the robot, such as obstacle avoidance mode and line patrol mode. Users can switch modes by remote control or on-board buttons to experience the fun of the robot.
  • Online firmware: Mainly used in online mode programming scenarios. But the preset program takes up memory capacity on the main console, so the online firmware does not include the three preset modes found in the factory firmware, but provides more sensor support for online programming.  

9. How to charge the lithium battery for mBot?

mBot comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable.

  1. Connect the lithium battery to the main control board.
  2. Connect your PC and the main control board via the USB cable.
  3. It takes 3-4h till fully charged.

Note: output should not be higher than [5V 1A].

10. Does mBot support multithreading?

No, it does not. mBot is equipped with a Single-Chip Microcomputer (mCore), which does not support multithreading.

11. Failed to connect to the mBot via USB even with a port shown. Why?


  1. Open Device Manager, click Ports(COM&LPT) to unfold the list, and check if it is displaying normally as below.


If there is a warning sign as below, download and install the driver 📎CH341.SIGN.zip, then check again.


If the warning sign remains,
  1. Switch to another USB port on your computer and connect, then try again.
  1. Replace the USB cable with another one and try again.
  2. Click https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?id=46148 and install the Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3033929)

12. Upgrading the mBot firmware failed in progress by 20%. Why?

  1. Make sure the mBot is connected via the original USB cable to your computer, which is the only connection method for upgrading firmware.
  1. Check if the "Device" is correctly selected in mBlock, which is mBot.


  1. Switch to the mBlock web version https://ide.makeblock.com/ and try upgrading the firmware again.
  1. Check if the correct port is selected when connecting the mBot to mBlock 5. Make sure not to tick "Show all connectable devices" and select the correct port before clicking "Connect".


If no port is shown available,
  1. Switch to another USB port on your computer and connect, then try again.
  1. Replace the USB cable with another one and try again.
  1. Check the driver installation status in the Device Manager. Reinstall the driver 📎CH341.SIGN.zip if necessary.


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