Firmware update for mBot

1. Connect mBot with mBlock5

(1) Connect mBot to computer using the original USB cable.

(2) Power on your mBot.


(3) On mBlock 5, click + on the Devices tab, select mBot in Device Library, and click OK.



(4) Click Connect. On the dialog box that appears, click the USB tab and click Connect.



mBot is successfully connected to mBlock 5 when the message indicating successful connection is displayed.


2. Update the firmware for mBot

Select steps: [settings]-->[Update Firmware]-->[Online Firmware]/[Factory Firmware], gif below shows the detail procedure:



In order to improve the playability of the mBot, Makeblcok comes with a built-in default program.

  • Online firmware: Mainly used in online mode programming scenarios. But the preset program takes up memory capacity on the main console, so the online firmware does not include the three preset modes found in the factory firmware, but provides more sensor support for online programming.  
  • Factory firmware: The factory has preset factory procedures for the robot, such as obstacle avoidance mode and line patrol mode. Users can switch modes by remote control or on-board buttons to experience the fun of the robot.
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  • Please try to spell your product name correctly: it's Makeblock, not Makeblcok.


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