Control xLight with Its Button

After being assembled and connected to a power supply, xLight executes the default program, you can see Default Program of xLight to understand the working modes, light effects, and light games.

The following describes how the button on xLight works:

  • Press: wake up/next effect or game
  • Double-press: next working mode
  • Triple-press: user-defined program/default program
  • Hold down: enter the sleep mode

Wake up/sleep

When xLight is connected to a power supply, you can hold down the button on it to make it work in sleep mode and press button once to wake it up. After being waken up, it works in the last working mode before it entered the sleep mode.


Note: If you disconnect the power supply from xLight, xLight enters the mood lighting mode and shows the static rainbow, that is, the default light effect, after being connected to a power supply again.

Switch between working modes

You can double-press the button to go to the next working mode. The following figure shows the sequence of the working modes.


Switch between light effects and games

After entering a working mode, you can press the button to go to the next light effect or game. The light effects and games are switched in the predefined sequence. For details, see Default Program of xLight.

Use the mood lighting mode as an example.


Switch between the default program and user-defined program

Besides the default program of xLight, you can also write your own program on mBlock 5 and upload it to xLight. For details about how to program xLight on mBlock 5, see Program xLight with mBlock 5 on Your PC or Program xLight with the Mobile mBlock 5 App.

Note: The control box of xLight can store only one user-defined program. A new program you upload to it replaces the last one. 

You can switch between the default program and user-defined one by quickly pressing the button three times.


More information

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