FAQs on mBlock 5

1. I want to install mBlock 5 on my PC. Are there any requirements on the CPU or memory of the PC?

No specific requirements. You can install mBlock 5 as long as your PC runs an OSX system or Windows 7 (or later).

2. What can I do if the mBlock 5 software was blocked by firewall?

You can configure whitelists for the following IP addresses and ports:
IP addresses:
Click here to know how to how to set whitelist for web pages(Chrome for eample).

3. I was prompted to install the CH340 driver when I installed mBlock 5. Do I have to install the CH340 driver?

Yes, follow the instructions to install the CH340 driver, so that mBlock 5 can identify serial ports and connect to devices.

4. I get a blank white screen when I start mBlock 5 on Windows. Why?

Your graphics driver version is too early. You need to upgrade the graphics driver.

5. I want to use mBlock 5 on the web. Which browser do you recommend?

Google Chrome is recommended. You can download it at the official website.

6. I install mBlock 5 on my PC for the first time, but the computer housekeeper blocks the installation. What can I do?

When this happens, choose to allow the operation this time.

7. Local extensions can't be upgraded or deleted. What can I do?

If an extension you added on your computer can't be upgraded or deleted, perform the following operations:

For macOS:

Way 1:

Open the terminal and enter rm -rf ~/mblock/exts

Way 2:

(1) Open Finder.

(2) Choose Go > Go to Folder.

(3) Enter ~ in the dialog box that appears.

(4) Expand the mblock folder and delete the exts folder.


For Windows:

(1) Open the directory C:\Users\{username}\mblock.

(2) Delete the exts folder.


(3) Restart mBlock 5.


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