FAQs on mBlock 5

1. I want to install mBlock 5 on my PC. Are there any requirements on the CPU or memory of the PC?

No specific requirements. You can install mBlock 5 as long as your PC runs an OSX system or Windows 7 (or later).

2. What can I do if the mBlock 5 software was blocked by firewall?

You can configure whitelists for the following IP addresses and ports:
IP addresses:
Click here to know how to how to set whitelist for web pages(Chrome for eample).

3. I was prompted to install the CH340 driver when I installed mBlock 5. Do I have to install the CH340 driver?

Yes, follow the instructions to install the CH340 driver, so that mBlock 5 can identify serial ports and connect to devices.

4. I get a blank white screen when I start mBlock 5 on Windows. Why?

Your graphics driver version is too early. You need to upgrade the graphics driver.

5. I want to use mBlock 5 on the web. Which browser do you recommend?

Google Chrome is recommended. You can download it at the official website.

6. I install mBlock 5 on my PC for the first time, but the computer housekeeper blocks the installation. What can I do?

When this happens, choose to allow the operation this time.

7. Local extensions can't be upgraded or deleted. What can I do?

If an extension you added on your computer can't be upgraded or deleted, perform the following operations:

For macOS:

Way 1:

Open the terminal and enter rm -rf ~/mblock/exts

Way 2:

(1) Open Finder.

(2) Choose Go > Go to Folder.

(3) Enter ~ in the dialog box that appears.

(4) Expand the mblock folder and delete the exts folder.


For Windows:

(1) Open the directory C:\Users\{username}\mblock.

(2) Delete the exts folder.


(3) Restart mBlock 5.

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  • This really didn`t help at all--I used the exact same downloaded Ver 5.4  to install on both the DV9000 laptop, which works, and the DV7-1245dx, which doesnt.  Both are windows 7 32bit OS, and have the correct video drivers in each.  the DV7-1245dx only opens a large blue box with the mBlock logo appearing at the top left of screen.  I have tried everything I can think of, from reducing the resolution, reloading many times, and downloading a new copy of 5.4, including trying to run it on another DV7-4065dx laptop,  and nothing works.  

    I had originally installed the mBlock ver 5.4 on a HP 6415 older laptop for my grandsons which worked fine, then recently upgraded them to the HP DV9000 laptop, which also works fine.  I wanted to load the mBlock ver 5.4 on one of my newer laptops so I could follow along with their programming in case they ran into a problem.  However, the ver 5.4 wont run on either, and all their programming was done using the ver 5.4.  The earlier ver 3.4.1 opens and runs on these newer laptops, but ver 3.4.1 wont run the Ver 5.4 software.


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