How to Apply a Created Model to a Project

In this section, we will show you how to parse a cat's meows using the created audio model and display the recognition result on Cyberpi.

First, click the Sprites tab, click extension, and add Upload Mode Broadcast.

Then, compile the classification program using blocks.

Note that the classification results need to be sent to CyberPi through the block of Upload Mode Broadcast.



After compiling the program, click the Devices tab, click Upload in the Mode Switch area, and add blocks to receive the recognition result.

Note that the Upload Mode Broadcast extension requires device connection and you need to connect your Cyberpi to mBlock. After compiling the program using the blocks, upload your program to Cyberpi.


Now, let's see how it works. Click the blocks to record real-time meows by the microphone. The recognition result will be sent to Cyberpi through the Upload Mode Broadcast function and shown on Cyberpi's display.

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