What is mBot2 Rover?

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mBot2 Rover Robotics Add-on Pack is crafted for children to develop coding skills from beginner to advanced levels. It facilitates outdoor exploration, interactive expressions, and gripping functions, enriching the coding and building journey.

Explore in diverse terrains

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Multi-functional track design with a maximum climbing of 40° enhanced with metal shock absorbers bolsters outdoor off-road capabilities to match different outdoor scenarios.

Emo interaction

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Enrich your mBot2 Rover to become smarter and more entertaining! It's integrated with a voice interaction system and intelligent emotional interactions, allowing children to learn and grow continuously.

Fantastic Bluetooth controller: Unlock boundless potential

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Instant connectivity, seamless enjoyment: Effortlessly pair mBot2 wireless Bluetooth controller for swift adaptation, empowering your Rover robot to embark on 360° immersive explorations and unlocking boundless potential.

Accurate capture and easy completion of tasks

Designed with a metal body and matte black acrylic ornaments, the mBot2 Rover robot boasts a striking mechanical appearance!

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Unique DIY feature: Unleash children's creativity

Provides kids with challenging and playful building experiences that help enhance their imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

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