8. Introduction to the Makeblock Mobile App Family

This guide applies to:

All Makeblock STEM products.


Makeblock focuses on developing STEM education and robot education.

There are multiple applications you can use for different purposes and preferences.

We will introduce each one of them, and provide the download links for you.


About mBlock 5

mBlock 5 provides both the block-based graphical editor and the Python editor.

You can create games and animation using the programming editors.


Who Is It For

Programming for Advanced Learners.


Example Usecase

Connect the robot to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

You can use the mBlock app to program, which is the same as mBlock on Windows.




mBlock supports a wide range of devices, not only those produced by Makeblock but also those by other manufacturers.



Please visit our official website to download the software:




About Makeblock App

Makeblock App is a simple yet easy-to-use app for programming, device connection, and control.


Who Is It For

Learners who want a quick start.


Example Usecase



Makeblock App supports most devices by Makeblock.



Download for Android

Download for Apple


About mBlock Blockly App

mBlock Blockly is a game-based app for programming learning.

It's designed for kids with little experience in programming.

The courses are fun and easy to learn, with different levels of difficulty to build confidence.


Example Usecase

Who Is It For

Programming for beginners.



mBlock Blockly supports mBot and mBot Ranger.



Download for Android

Download for Apple


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