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mBot Mega is a programmable metal-structured robot. It provides the automatic gesture recognition, line following, and obstacle avoidance functions and supports mBlock block-based programming, Arduino IDE programming and Raspberry Pi interfaced. mBot Mega is equipped with four Mecanum wheels. Compared to regular wheels, the Mecanum wheels allow mBot Mega to move more flexibly and in more modes, making it a better choice for learning robot motion algorithms.

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Building mBot Mega

Before you use mBot Mega, you need to build it. See Building mBot Mega.

TT Motor

  • Operating voltage range: 2.4–6 V

  • Rated no-load speed: 118 ± 10% (RPM)

  • Rated load speed: 84 ± 10% (RPM)

  • Rated torque: 0.3 kg·cm

Line-Following Sensor

Detection range: 2–20 mm

When the line-following sensor detects light color (a surface that can reflect infrared light), it outputs a high voltage. Otherwise, it outputs a low voltage.

Crash Sensor (Limit Switch)

When the button on the crash sensor is pressed, the sensor outputs a low voltage. When the button on the crash sensor is released, the sensor outputs a high voltage.

RGB LED Module

There are 4 RGB LEDs on the module. The LEDs can be controlled separately. Their numbers are shown in the following figure.

Updating firmware

Before you use mBot Mega, you need to update its firmware on mBlock first. For details, see Updating the Firmware of mBot Mega.

Tips: Before you use mBot Mega, make sure that you put batteries with sufficient power into the battery holder and then turn on the power switch. If the batteries are running low, the motors of mBot Mega can't be started.

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