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The mTiny robot kit is Makeblock's first screen-free robot developed for preschoolers. With the tap pen controller, coding cards, and themed maps, children can tap to code and begin their learning in math, English, music, and other subjects while playing games.

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Meet the components

mTiny robot



The outer cover of the mTiny robot is made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, with food-grade silicone for its ears, which is safe for children in case they bite it. Its eyes adopt a color LCD screen, with more than 10 factory images. The circle lights on both hands are RGB lights with 16 million colors. Red, green, and blue light means a different state of the mTiny robot. On its back, from top to bottom, there is a speaker and a knob. The speaker can play more than 300 factory sounds. The knob is also the switch and can be used to change the volume: by turning it clockwise, you can turn on the mTiny robot and increase the volume; and by turning it counterclockwise, you can decrease the volume and turn off the mTiny robot. Its motors are high-precision encoder motors with intelligent motor algorithms so that mTiny can turn corners perfectly.

Tap pen controller


The tap pen controller is also made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, and its circle LED is made of high-fidelity material with red, green, and blue colors, which indicates three different modes. From top to bottom of the tap pen controller, there are two black ears made of food-grade silicone, a white joystick that can control mTiny to move forward and backward and turn left and right, a confirmation button below the joystick, a stop button below the confirmation button, and an OID sensor at the bottom for recognizing maps and command cards. The power button is on the side. The tap pen controller has a nice touch feeling with a corner-rounded design.

Programming examples

  • Use the mTiny robot kit

Read the safety instructions before you use the mTiny robot kit.

To use the mTiny robot kit, you need to:

  1. Understand the buttons and indicators of mTiny and the tap pen controller.

  2. Charge mTiny and the tap pen controller.

  3. Turn on mTiny and the tap pen controller and pair them together.

For details, see Get Started on mTiny.

Before you code, you may need to understand the coding cards.

For details, see Use Coding Cards to Play with mTiny.

After-sales services

You can find basic materials and FAQs in our help center.

  • After-sales service contact: service@makeblock.com

For product return, replacement, and use problems, you can contact us through this email address.

More information

  • FAQs

For details, see FAQs on mTiny.

  • Troubleshooting

For details, see Troubleshooting on mTiny.

  • Firmware update

For details, see Firmware Update for mTiny & Tap Pen Controller.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing Makeblock products!

Thank you for choosing mTiny! We hope you can enjoy your journey with mTiny, using it for self-learning and development. We are committed to contributing to a better education.


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