Case 22 - Fall Alarm

Case 22 - Fall Alarm

Part 1   Objective

After you upload the program, set CyberPi upright. When the dumping angle of CyberPi is greater than 80 degrees, the speaker raises an alarm, and red LEDs flicker. Press button A to cancel the alarm, and reset the dumping angle to 0 degrees.


Part 2   Preparation

  • CyberPi x 1

  • USB cable (Type-C) x 1

  • Computer with network access x 1

Connect CyberPi to the computer by using the cable, open mBlock 5 (PC client or web version), connect CyberPi, and select the Upload mode.


Part 3   Programming


Part 4   Practice

  1. Install the fall alarm on your doll and see what happens.


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