Case 6 - Flowing water

Part 1   Objective

After you upload the program, the RGB LEDs on the RGB module connected to pin A13 on MegaPi light up one by one, looking like flowing water.


Part 2   Preparation

  • MegaPi x 1

  • RGB module x 1

  • 3-pin jumper x 1

  • USB cable x 1

  • Computer with network access x 1

Connect MegaPi to the computer by using the cable, connect the RGB module to MegaPi by using the jumper, open mBlock 5 (PC client or web version), click +add, select mBot Mega from the Device Library, click Connect, and select the Upload mode.



Part 3   Programming

The RGB LEDs light up one by one and then go off after they are all on, and repeat this process.


Part 4   Practice

  1. Try to change the light color of the RGB LEDs.

  2. Try to change the flowing speed and direction of the "water".



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