Case 25 - Distance Detection Alarm

Part 1   Objective

After you upload the program, you can detect the distance between mBot Neo and an object with the ultrasonic sensor. When the distance is less than 15 cm, CyberPi raises an alarm.


Part 2   Preparation

  • CyberPi-installed shield (powered on) x 1

  • Built-in ultrasonic sensor

  • USB cable (Type-C) x 1

  • Computer with network access x 1

Install the above parts, connect CyberPi to the computer by using the cable, open mBlock 5 (PC client or web version), connect CyberPi, and select the Upload mode.



Part 3   Programming

Add Ultrasonic Sensor 2 from the Extension center, and then program with the blocks added.


Part 4   Practice

After you learn the previous cases, what sensors on CyberPi can you use together with the ultrasonic sensor?



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