FAQs on MegaPi

1. Where to get the driver package if the computer fails to install it automatically?

Manually install the driver

2. How much current can the large current driver interface (MOS driver interface) output?

Two interfaces can output current up to DC 12V 10A.

3. Why does the stepper motor get hot?

Considering the usage scenario of stepper motor, the driver current was adjusted to the larger one, so the motor may get hot. Please contact the cooling fin and the driver module well, or the master chip may get burn.

4. What's the function of the black adjustable potentiometer on the stepper motor?

This potentiometer is for adjusting the current of stepper motor driver. The default position is on the middle, but you can turn it up or down. When potentiometer turned up, the chip will get hotter. So remember to dissipate heat with larger cooling pin or in good cooling conditions.

5. Why the master chip reset when MegaPi drives several motors at the same time? How to deal with this problem?

When the motor starts to run or rotate clockwise/anticlockwise, the power consumption will be enormous. In this situation, the current from the power source will be insufficient, which leads to the result of low voltage and the reset of master chip. You should use stronger power source or adjust the program to avoid the motor rotating clockwise/anticlockwise frequently.

6. How to weld 2*10 pin header while connecting MegaPi with Raspberry Pi?

MegaPi is not weld to the Raspberry Pi, so you have to weld by yourself. Do avoid short circuit when welding the pins.

7. Raspberry Pi resets when connected to Raspberry Pi and drive a high-power device. How to deal with this problem?

When supplying power to Raspberry Pi through MegaPi and controlling motors at the same time, the voltage will be unstable and Raspberry Pi will reset. Just supply power to Raspberry Pi directly.

8. How to get after-sales service if there are some quality problems with MegaPi?

Mail service@makeblock.com

9. Is there any accessories that can work with MegaPi? Where should I buy them?

Encoder motor drivers, stepper motor drivers, Bluetooth, 2.4G, DC motors, encoder motors, stepper motors, Shield, sensors of RJ25, steering engines, structural parts, etc.

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