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  • Hi. I'm looking for a gift for my 14 year old grandson.  He is bright and can work independently.  He has built the Mindstorms EV3 in the past. I'm not sure what his programming ability is.  Do you think this mbot Mega will be appropriate for him, or would it be too easy?  Where would you recommend purchasing this robot? How much does it cost? Also, the crab leg add-ons look like fun; where can I get them? 

    This grandma thanks you most sincerely for your help!

  • Responding to @Angie Grams, (https://support.makeblock.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409607077783/comments/10145794294295)

    Hey, The mBot Mega is a great learning experience! It is fun to build, and fun to code. The alternative would be most likely an mBot Neo or mBot Ultimate (the latter is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it!)

    The downside of the mBot Mega is the coding part is a bit hard to understand, and also the sensors are a bit easy to break. The mBot Neo doesn't have that much building, but the mBot Ultimate sure does!

    I haven't seen an add-on pack for mBot Mega. There are some for the other mBots though.


    Another recommendation: Ask your question on the forum instead! You'll get a lot more support there.



    Thanks for your time, 



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