What is the Makeblock App?


All-in-1 controller for Makeblock robots

Makeblock App provides a comprehensive robot control experience from building instruction to the pre-set controls to programme robot movements. Children can also define their own robots controller with the app, and even further program the controller functions using block-based coding.

3D building guides for easy assembly

Develop visual spatial skills

A 360° building manual is designed to free children from verbose descriptions and helps them to learn how to build step by step. In the process, children get to know the mechanical structure and develop spatial intelligence.

Multiple control modes

More playful ideas for your own robot

The app has multiple control modes. Children can control the robots with one-button or the flexibly-combined controls. Users can give the robots endless possibilities by making their robots perform challenging actions with the block-based programming.

Extensive gameplay support for add-on packs

Control robots with Makeblock App for even more fun

With the robotic add-on packs and multiple advanced modes in the app, children can code their robots to do anything they can imagine!


The Makeblock app supports hardware such as mBot, Ranger, Ultimate2.0, Codey Rocky, etc.


Click here for more information about the Makeblock app and the download link, or you can search for Makeblock on Apple Store or other play stores.

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  • 的確な日本語で説明して欲しい。動画での説明も詳細に日本語で伝えて欲しい。マイクロビットの説明はプログラミング初心者に優しいのですが。


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