FAQs on xLight


[Main control connection]


1. xLight doesn't run properly after I upload a program to it, why?

The firmware version you use may not be the latest one. Update the latest program to the main control box.


2.How do I turn off the xLight control box?

You can disconnect the power supply or hold down the button on the control box for 2 seconds. After the indicator blinks twice and goes off, the control box is turned off.


3. Does the control box support only the default LED strip?

No, you can connect all LEDs strips compatible with its ports. You can purchase other kits in the mall, such as the RGB LED strip 3m (90 LEDs), copper wire LED string 10m (100 LEDs), and 21-LED strip (light base).


4. I can't connect my xLight to the Internet through the mobile app, why?

1). Make sure that you have turned on xLight and connected it to your mobile phone through bluetooth.
2). If the connection still fails, check whether you have uploaded a program you wrote to it. If you have, restore the control box to the factory settings.


5. How do I power on xLight?

You can power on xLight in either of the following ways:
1) Use the USB cable (Type-C) to connect it to a power supply of which the voltage ranges from DC 4.5V to 5V.
2) Purchase another LED strip pack. Use the power adapter included in the pack to connect the xLight control box to a household power supply.


6. After connecting xLight to mBlock 5, I wrote a program but haven't uploaded it to the control box. When I try to control the LED strip with my app and remote control, however, the LED strip doesn't respond, why?

You can't control xLight with your app or remote control when you program it in Live mode on mBlock 5. To control it with your app or remote control, set the programming mode to Upload. You can also disconnect xLight from mBlock 5, but you need to set the programming mode to Upload before you disconnect it.


[Light effects]


1. I connect an LED strip to the xLight control box that I have connected to my computer, but the LEDs can't be lit up or the brightness is low, why?

1). Make sure that the LED strip is connected to the control box properly, the control box is connected to your computer properly, and the program is compiled properly.
2). If the connection and program are well in place but the problem remains, replace the LED strip and update the firmware.


2. Besides the acrylic boards delivered with xLight, I need more with other styles. How can I customize more acrylic boards?

You can purchase our xTool products to draw patterns and cut or engrave acrylic boards by yourself. To bring an xTool product home, go to www.xTool.com.


3. With the default program, I use the remote control or the Makeblock app to control an LED strip/string, but not all the LEDs are lit up, why?

1). The program you select is not applicable to the LED strip/string you use. Select the program based on the kit or LED strip/string you use. There are programs compiled for 21, 90, and 100 LEDs.
2). If you have selected the proper program but the problem remains, replace the LED strip/string.


4. After I compile and execute a program, the LEDs of an LED strip/string are not lit up as expected, why?

You may have selected the wrong block category. The blocks designed for LED strips can't be used to program an LED string. For details, see step 6 in the "Connect xLight to mBlock 5" section in the user manual.


[Remote control]


1. Why is the remote control delivered without a battery?

Batteries may pose safety risks during goods delivery, and therefore batteries are not included in remote controls according to the related regulations.


2. What is the model of button battery for the remote control, and where can I buy it?

The remote control uses a button lithium battery, the recommended model is CR2025 3V. You can also use other batteries of the same size. Button batteries are available in supermarkets or online malls.


3. How do I use xLight without a remote control?

For details, see the instructions in the user manual delivered with xLight.



[Build and play]


1. How do I build Xlight N1 and Xlight N2?

For details, see the instructions in the user manual delivered with xLight.


2. More on playing xLight

For details, see how to connect xLight to mBlock 5 for programming in the user manual delivered with xLight. (More information required)


[Identification and assembly]


1. How do I distinguish the left IR sensor from the right one?

There are labelled L and R on the PCB of xLight


[mBlock 5 extension]

1. After I add the xLight device extension on mBlock 5 and use blocks in the LED String category. When I set two of the RGB values to 255, some LEDs of the LED string are not lit up in the expected color, why?

The timing sequence in the RGB factory settings is unknown. A color with RGB values closer to the white light range (that is, two of the RGB values are 255, such as 255/255/255 and 247/247/247, and the brightness is higher than 30%) is more likely to change to yellow. Do not set RGB to such values, so that the LED string can work properly.


2. Why does it take so long to update the firmware on mBlock 5?

Due to the transmission quality and characteristics of MicroPython, the default baud rate is 115200, which is relatively low.


3. When I update the firmware of xLight on mBlock 5, the update is suddenly interrupted. Then I power on xLight again, but the control box doesn't respond, why?

The interruption causes the failure of firmware update. If firmware update fails, the control box can't work after being powered on. When this happens, update the firmware again.

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