Assembly Instruction for mBot Ultimate 2.0 (Additional Forms)

Building instructions

Follow the paper instructions included in this kit or download its PDF version in the following:Ultimate 2.0 User Manual + building (01-03)


The Ultimate-V2.0_10-in-1 Robot Kit Instructions introduces you the kit, provides a quick start guide, and describes the steps for building three forms of the robot, namely Robotic Arm Tank, Beverage Robot, and Camera Dolly.


For the building of the other seven forms, you can download and read the following documents:
Catapult Ram


Alternatively, you can watch the following videos:

Ultimate 2.0 --- 3D Capture A


Ultimate 2.0 3D Capture B


Ultimate 2.0 Catapult Ram


Ultimate 2.0 Detecting Robot


Ultimate 2.0 Robotic Ant

Ultimate 2.0 Rolling Tank

Ultimate 2.0 Self Balancing Robot




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