FAQ for Tidbit

1. How does the Tidbit button work?

Tidbit has a power button at the bottom middle, you can turn on/off by long press, short press once to enter Bluetooth pairing mode after power on, short press twice to enter autonomous obstacle avoidance cruising mode.
a. Bluetooth pairing mode: the eyes become blue flashing, waiting for Bluetooth connection.
b. Autonomous obstacle-avoidance cruise mode: the eyes become white and will avoid obstacles (in strong daylight and black obstacles will affect the effect of obstacle avoidance).



2. How do I charge my Tidbit?

Tidbit has a low battery alert, and it has two charging modes.
       a. Charging mode with Corbit: Connect the Corbit to the power adapter and fix the Tidbit properly in the cabin of the Corbit, then you can charge the Tidbit: the Tidbit's eyes flash slowly in red when charging and always light up in green when fully charged.
       b. Micro-USB cable charging mode: Connect the micro-USB charging port under the Tidbit to a 5V1A DC power adapter through the micro-USB charging cable (sold separately) to charge it: Tidbit's eyes flash red slowly when charging and light up green when fully charged.


3. After Tidbit's wings were pulled off, the same holes as the tail appeared, what are these holes for?

Tidbit's holes are compatible with some of the mainstream building blocks on the market to achieve interesting building effects.



4. What are the small holes on the Tidbit for?

The small hole on top of the Tidbit is the sound outlet hole for the speaker. The Tidbit itself can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, connected to Corbit, cell phones, tablets and other devices.


5. How many Tidbits can be connected to a Corbit at the same time?

Up to 7 Tidbits can be connected to the Corbit at the same time when programming and remote control; however, but only 1 Tidbit can be used as a Bluetooth speaker for the Corbit.


6. How else can Tidbit play when it's connected to Corbit?

When the Corbit is connected to the Tidbit, it can form a system to play with programming functions. The Corbit can be used to remotely control the Tidbit and use the Tidbit as a Bluetooth speaker for the Corbit.


7. What is the difference between Tidbit's obstacle-avoidance walking after twice short presses of the power button and the obstacle-avoidance walking after connecting to Corbit?

They're almost the same.


8. After connecting to Corbit, why does the Tidbit not go perfectly when playing Remote Control and Fun Walking Mode?

Tidbit uses coded motors to optimize the walking route, but ground resistance, machine wear and tear, algorithm errors and other factors will lead to imperfections in the base walking route, but will not affect the fun of the game.
*Enter from "Main Map-->AI ENGINE-->Tidbit" to use these two functions.

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