FAQ for Corbit

1. Why the box is opened with weird pattern, and the robot is disassembled?

Corbit is a student from an alien school who fell to Earth after a trap during his interstellar journey to Earth. The outer box is his "space ship", after opening the box, you can see the signs of "damage", Corbit is sleeping in the cabin, you need to follow the instructions on the screen of the space ship to reassemble his arm, and connect the power adapter to replenish energy to wake Corit. (embedded in the "screen" is Corbit's manual, you can take it out and read it).


2. How to switch on/off the Corbit?

Corbit is the equivalent of a custom Android tablet. The "M" power button on its belly is similar to the power button of an Android tablet, which can be long pressed to turn on/off and short pressed to wake up the screen/lock screen.


3. What is the purpose of the "RESET" button behind Corbit?

Press and hold the "RESET" button to force Corbit to restart.


4. Why Corbit's arm is not very tightly fitted

Corbit was injured during his fall to earth, please hold Corbit's body to move him. Please do not grab the arms or other movable parts, or damage and fall injuries may result.


5. How come Corbit's manual is so simple?

Corbit suffered from amnesia when he fell to earth, the manual only recorded his general information, the first boot will have a boot guide to let children understand how to interact with Corbit, he needs children to slowly familiarize with Corbit according to the screen guidance tips and exploration play, and then become a close partner with Corbit.

6. Does Corbit need to be used with the power adapter plugged in all the time?

Corbit has a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery inside, but this partner likes to think non-stop, so it will consume a lot of power, recharge him in time to replenish energy.

7. What is the purpose of the toggle switch on the back of the Corbit?

The toggle switch on the back of the Corbit controls its camera and microphone. When the switch is toggled to the unlocked pattern position, the use of the camera and microphone is allowed; when the switch is toggled to the locked pattern position is to disable the use of the camera and microphone (position was showed as below).



8. There is a small black plastic piece in the box containing the power adapter, what is it used for?

If you're still unsure after using the toggle switch to disable the use of the camera and microphone, you can also snap this little tab onto the Corbit's camera to physically cover it up.


9. I see that Corbit has a lot of sensors and actuators, how can I use them?

Corbit is pre-programmed with interactive responses that activate a variety of sound and light actions when you interact with him. Try touching the top of his head, shaking his hand, picking him up! These preset reactions can also be customized in the Personal Center: go to the settings interface through "Main Map-->AI ENGINE-->Modding" and design your own reactions!

Corbit also has a programming function, from "Main Map-->AI ENGINE-->Coding" to enter the programming module, through the programming, you can set different actions to stimulate different reactions of Corbit.



10. What is the purpose of the small protrusion on the bottom of Corbit's left foot?

The small protrusion on the bottom of Corbit's left foot is an on/off button that is pressed when he is standing and popped up when the bottom of his foot is off the ground. This feature can stimulate some of Corbit's default interactive responses; it can also be programmed to do something interesting: for example, when Corbit is picked up, he will make a rocket launch sound and light effect, and Tidbit will run in a circle while flashing his eyes and screaming.


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