Troubleshootings on mBot Mega

1. Why my IR collision sensor not work properly, the barrier indicated light keep stays on while there's no barrier in front?


  • check if the barrier indicated light keep on while there's no obstacle in front. If it is, please check if the IR sensors are getting too close or deform, try to seperate or  straighten them slightly and check if the barrier indicated light still keep on;
  • try using a 2.5mm cross screwdriver to adjust the sensitivity regulator clockwise (Reduced sensitivity);


  • if the above method doesn't work, try change the abnormal IR sensor to another one beside, to figure out the problem is from IR sensor or connecting port on mainboard. If the abnormal IR sensor still not good after changing the connecting port, it means the problem may occurred on the IR sensor, otherwise it may occured on the connecting port on mainboard;
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