Troubleshooting on Codey Rocky

1. Bluetooth connection was not successful?

You can try the following operations:

  • Put the small program close to the adapter, the adapter will automatically pair with Codey, wait until it is not flashing and it is OK ;
  • Press the button of the adapter, and when it is flashing, put the Codey close to the adapter, wait until the blue light of the adapter is not flashing, and then connect the device through mBlock software.

2. Why does the program fail to upload?

You can try the following operations:

  • Make sure the Codey is connected with mBlock software ;
  • If the Bluetooth adapter is connected, see if the Bluetooth adapter is blinking (blinking means not successfully connected, turn off and reconnect) ;
  • If both of the above situations are normal, reconnect the software and select the appropriate serial port (if there are several serial ports, try to select them one by one).

3. Why does mBlock software open with a white screen?

It may be a graphics card driver problem because mBlock software needs to use OpenGL, a low version of the graphics card driver may cause a white screen. You can use driver wizard to update the graphics card driver.

4. The software installation is complete, but when I click Connect Device, the pop-up is Device Not Started?

Some antivirus and protection software will disable the application of mBlock software to the port.

It is recommended to temporarily close or exit these protection software when using mBlock software.

5. How come the IoT features don't work?

The IoT function requires a cloud server, you need to register an account on the mBlock software, log in and then connect to the Internet to use the IoT function.

Registration method: Click the icon on the top right corner of the software.



6.  The software appears: "The device driver is not started"?

The reason for this prompt is that the system is usually open to security software or wall software in the process of installing mBlock software, which affects the installation of the software.

  • Solution 1 (most of the problems can be solved by this method)
    Quit the security software (including windows firewall) and the wall software, and reinstall the mBlock software.
  • Solution 2
    Quit the security software and the wall software and reinstall the mBlock software in a different installation directory.
  • Solution 3
    In some cases, the user installs on a non-default installation disk, which causes the device driver to fail to start due to system permissions. In this situation, the user needs to re-select the default installation disk to install the software.

7. The software shows: "Your graphics card driver version is too low, please update the graphics card driver and try again" ?

Try to update the graphics card driver to the latest version, you can use an update software like Driver Wizard, or find the official latest graphics card driver. If it was normal before, and you open the mBlock software immediately after booting, there is also a chance that the problem occurs because the system driver is not fully started.

Solution: Restart the mBlock software and it will be back to normal.

8. iPhone or iPad shows "Firmware unrecognized" when connecting to Codey?

  • You can try to restart your phone or iPad, as well as Codey, and try to connect again.
  • Update the latest firmware in mBlock software ( and try to connect again after updating the firmware.

9. I can't save my work to the desktop, and a change blocking prompt for virus and threat protection pops up?

Need to set up the computer system, close windows Defender or add mBlock.exe to the Defender trust.

10. mBlock software cannot connect to serial port

Scenario I: Software keeps showing "scanning serial port in progress" or "No device can be detected to connect"


  • Solutions for Windows system
    • step1 Exit security protection software in PC
    • step2 Install serial port driver (the attached ""), restart your computer after installation
    • step3 Connect Codey Rocky with microUSB cable, and then connect it to your computer (when the cable is inserted into the computer, the PC corner may remind you that the driver is being installed, please wait patiently for the installation to complete)
    • step4 Check whether the driver is installed successfully


Search for [Device Manager] in the search bar of your computer and open it, click to expand [Port (COM and LPT)], if you see [USB-SERIAL CH340 (COMx)], it means that it has been successfully installed, now you can open mLink for programming learning; if you do not see it , re-plug the cable or replace the computer with another USB interface and try again.


  • Solutions for MacOS system
    • Step1 Install the attached serial port driver""
    • Step2 After rebooting, open [System Preferences] --> [Security and Privacy] --> [General], and finally click [Allow] on it. After allowing, you may also be reminded to reboot, click Reboot. Now hurry up and start your programming journey! If you do not find the option [Allow], please continue to read on. The reason is that macOS High Sierra 10.13 and later versions require the user's consent to install the kernel extension; if the user does not agree to install this extension, it will not be able to properly connect to Codey Rocky.If there is no [Allow] option, press the space and command keys at the same time and type "" in the search bar to find [Terminal] and open it.Then copy the following command line and paste it into the command line terminal, and press the Enter key. If the "Password" command appears, please enter your computer's password and press the Enter key, then open: [Preferences] --> [Security and Privacy] --> [General], you should see "The system software from the developer jiangsu Qinheng Co. Ltd has been prevented from loading", click the "Allow" button behind it (as shown below).
      Command line: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/usbserial.kext/

Scenario II: The driver was installed successfully, but there is no option to display the port in device manager.

step1 replace the usb cable with data transfer capability

Generally on the market, there are two types of microUSB cable: one can only charge, and the other can both charge and transfer data; so how to determine whether the USB cable has the ability to transfer data?
First, find a Windows computer, a microUSB interface Android phone, and then use this USB cable to connect phone and computer, check whether the PC can normally read the phone's information, if PC can read the phone's information, the USB cable has data transfer capabilities, otherwise, it can only charge ;

Step2 Exchange PC USB port

USB cable with data transfer capability, but also can not identify the USB port, try to exchange the USB port, if the USB port does not work, you can also try other PC.


Scenario III: Driver installation failed

step1 Reinstall the driver
Try to uninstall the existing CH340 driver first, and then reinstall it. (If there is no uninstall option, please try to exit the security software and install again).

step2 Download system patch
For Win7 systems, try to install Microsoft Official Patch Pack; if you are not a Win7 system, please skip this step and proceed to the next step;;
The Windows 7 Security Update for x64-based systems (KB3033929) is available for download at
(Since this security patch is for Windows 7 systems above SP1, if your system is Win7, you need to upgrade to Win7 SP1 (Service Pack 1) first.

SP1 Update Patch details.aspx?id=5842 )

step3 Try to start system hardware service
1) Type services.msc in the search box and start it.
2) Find Device Install Service and Device Setup Manager, start the two services and reinstall the driver


Scenario IV: It shows that there is a serial port, but the connection fails

step1 View device manager
Search for [Device Manager] in the lower left corner of the computer and open it, click to expand [Port (COM and LPT)].

step2 Update the CH340 driver

 If there's yellow triangle & exclamation mark shown on CH340 driver, try to update the CH340 driver.

After the installation is complete, check the device manager again, if the exclamation mark disappears, it means it is solved, try to reconnect the serial port again; if the exclamation mark is still there, please try the next operation.

step3 Download system patch
For Win7 systems, try to install Microsoft Official Patch Pack:
The Windows 7 Security Update for x64-based systems (KB3033929) is available for download at
(Since this security patch is for Windows 7 systems above SP1, if your system is Win7, you need to upgrade to Win7 SP1 (Service Pack 1) first.

SP1 Update Patch details.aspx?id=5842 )

11.  When Codey is turned on, the screen is not displayed?

Cause: It is likely that other types of programs have been uploaded, such as the program to make the Rocky move, and there is no program to light up the display of the Codey, so that the screen of the Codey cannot be lit up.

Solution: restart Codey, update the latest firmware, refer to

12.  Three exclamation marks appear on Codey's screen?

Cause: Generally poor contact with the microUSB data cable or computer USB interface, click to cancel in the process of updating the firmware, update the firmware in the process of plugging and unplugging the microUSB data cable these kinds of operations lead to abnormal device firmware.

Solution: restart the Codey, restart the mBlock software, and re-update the latest firmware, refer to

13. The Rocky can move forward and backward normally, but cannot avoid obstacles, and the color sensor cannot recognize colors?

You may need to calibrate the color sensor, and then test the obstacle avoidance and color recognition function after calibration. Calibration steps are as follows:


1. Click "Connect" to connect to the serial port.



2. Click "Setting"


3. Click "Calibrate the color sensor"


4. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to operate the sensor calibration, when the calibration is successful, it will indicate that the calibration is successful, otherwise, you need to recalibrate.


14. The Rocky can't move properly, can't avoid obstacles properly, and the color sensor can't recognize colors properly?

Cause: It is possible that the pogopin interface has become dirty, resulting in poor contact with the device.


Solution: Dip a gauze into some alcohol, wipe the pogopin interface between Codey and Rocky, and then try connecting again.

15. After Codey Rocky uploaded the program, the device could not execute the program normally?

Cause: Possibly caused by incompatible firmware of Cody Rocky.


Solution: Update the latest firmware and try uploading the program again after a successful update.

16. Firmware update failure for Codey Rocky

Please collect below information and contact us via

1. Where did you get the Codey Rocky(show us your order no. if possible);

2. what's your PC system for Codey Rocky firmware updating, Windows, MacOS, or others;

3. Which software or platform you're using for Codey Rocky firmware updating, PC client or on the web, and what's the software version (Check in "···" at the right top corner of software-->About mBlock);


4. Which connection way you're using, USB cable or bluetooth connection;

5. Firmware version of Codey Rocky (Connect Codey Rocky with Makeblock app through bluetooth, and check it through settings-->Firmware).


6. SN label on the back of robot kit box(if available, sample as below).


There maybe some problems on USB port during firmware updating. Here is the detail instruction of firmware updating and for your reference.

If the problem still exist, you can also try below troubleshooting steps:

1. if you're using USB cable, check if the cable is original, since there's similar cable but without data transfer function, try using the original USB cable; DO NOT use bluetooth connection for firmware update.

2. Check if the CH340 driver is successfully installed in your "Device Manager" on PC, sample as below screenshot, make sure the driver exist and without any warning symbols(Small yellow triangle); If there's any abnormity, try re-install the software and please let us know.

3. Try using another way for firmware updating(mBlock 5 on PC client or web);

4. if you're using USB cable, try selecting another USB port on your PC, be careful select the correct USB port which is connecting with Codey Rocky; 

5. try another PC.


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