Update the Firmware of Codey Rocky

1. Connect Codey Rocky to the mBlock 5 PC client or mBlock 5 on the web.

For details, see:

After connecting to Codey Rocky, mBlock 5 automatically checks the firmware version of your Codey, and if a later version is available, it prompts you to update the firmware. 


Note: If no prompt is displayed, the firmware version of your Codey Rocky is the latest one, and no update is reuqired.

2. Click Update, and then click Update Firmware.


3. Wait for the update to be completed(normally it takes few minutedand), then click OK.


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  • I am very disappointed about this product. We bought it and gave it to our son for Christmas. The package let you think that all you have to do is that you need the app. The problem is the app doesn't work properly. I can connect to the codex rocky. I can drive it via remote control but programming doesn't work. I searched in the net for it and found that I have to install a program on my pc and update the firmware. I tried but but my pc was unable to see the robot. Bluetooth didn't work and serial communication either. I searched again in the net and found that make block only supports one Bluetooth protocol. I bought an official makeblok Bluetooth stick. Now I can connect the pc with the robot but every time I try to update the firmware it doesn't work. I really need help on this.

  • I have the exact same problem, its so disapointing :-/

  • I found a way to make it update the firmware : run the web-based mblock programm throught Chrome and connect the Codey with cable, it will allow the update

    Works then fine with bluetooth device (iPad, Android Phone) and with the web-based app but not with the desktop mBlock.....

  • (when connecting , click on "switch to direct connection")


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