Update Firmware for mTiny & Tap Pen Controller


Do NOT format the mTiny disk on a Macbook in case of any damage to the robot.


#1 Preparation

Prepare for the update.


A computer with USB ports 


USB cable in the product package


Paired mTiny with the tap pen controller
(each with at least 50% battery level)

Note: You may proceed to the next step even if the pairing is unsuccessful, however, in this case, the firmware update will be for the mTiny robot only. If you would like to update for both the mTiny and the controller, you may try paring again after the successful update for the mTiny robot and repeat the update process from the top.


#2 Download Firmware

Click here to download the firmware.


#3 Connect mTiny to the Computer

Connect mTiny with your computer via the original USB cable. Make sure to connect to mTiny with the end with mTiny robot icon on it.



#4 Connect Successfully

Normally, once the USB connection is established, the computer will recognize mTiny's disk. Open it, and you will see a folder named "system".



#5 Remove Old Firmware

Right-click the folder "system" and select "Delete" to remove the folder.



#6 Add New Firmware

Extract the update package. In the extracted directory, find the folder named "system" and the file "audio_mcu_firmware.MVA". Copy and paste the folder and the file into the root directory of mTiny's disk.



#7 Disconnect the Device

Click "Eject" to disconnect mTiny from your computer and remove the USB cable from mTiny.


#8 Start Updating

Restart the mTiny robot and the Tap pen, and the upgrade will be automatically performed after the restart. The upgrade process takes 3 to 5 minutes, please wait patiently.
  • During the upgrade process, the upgraded logo will be displayed on the mTiny display.
  • After the upgrade is successful, the "✔" logo will be displayed on the mTiny display and makes a “hi” sound and then the arm lights up green. Note: If the above phenomenon does not occur, it means that the firmware upgrade was not successful.

Please refer to the following pictures and video for details. The sound and the green indicator will show up at 2:11 of the referring video


image - 2023-07-28T183643.325.png

Updating Successful

image - 2023-07-28T183742.203.png

During the update process, mTiny will automatically check its connection with the tap pen controller and the current battery level. The update might stop if the conditions are not met. If the process stops, please pair mTiny with the tap pen controller again or charge the battery.
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