Troubleshooting on mBot Neo/mBot2

1. The CyberPi LED screen failed to light up or it flashes when switched on.

: Connect the CyberPi with the power supply (e.g. a power socket or a computer with USB 2.0 ports) via the original USB cable or a charged Pocket Shield, then check if everything is fine after it is switched on.

If the problem persists, try updating the firmware with mBlock5 (see Update the Firmware of mBot Neo/mBot2) and try again.

2. Abnormal indicator on mBot Neo/mBot2 Shield/ Pocket Shield.

Normally, when switched on, the indicator lights up blue and blinks for times, and then stays on after.

_______.gif              mBot2_____.gif

Scenario 1: The indicator does not light up at all, which is probably due to failed battery.

Solution: replace the shield.

Scenario 2: The indicator lights up and then off in seconds, which is probably due to a failed firmware upgrade with an old version of the "CyberPi" device in mBlock5.

Solution: replace the shield.

Scenario 3: The indicator lights up and keeps blinking, which is probably due to a failed firmware upgrade.


Step 1. Connect CyberPi and the shield, and turn it on;


Step 2. Launch mBlock5 and connect the device. See Connect mBot Neo with mBlock 5; Do check and make sure the mBlock5, "CyberPi" device, and "mBot2 Shield"/ "Pocket Shield" in mBlock5 are up to date. 

Step 3. Click Setting>Firmware Update


Step 4. Wait for the firmware update to complete (normally it takes 3~5mins)


Step 5. Repeat the upgrade. Restart the mBot Neo to check the indicator.


3. The firmware update was stuck at 20% and then failed.

Here follows some suggestions for you to troubleshoot the problem:

    1. Check if the cable is original. If it's not, test with the original USB cable;

    2. Check if the CH340 driver is successfully installed in your "Device Manager" on PC, sample as below screenshot, and make sure the driver exists and without any warning symbols(Small yellow triangle); If there's any abnormity, try re-install the software and please let us know;

    3. Try using mBlock5 web version for firmware updating;

    4. Select the correct USB port that connects with mBot2, DO NOT select "Show all connectable devices"


4. The mBot Neo made false color recognition.

Step 1. Connect the mBot Neo to mBlock5 (click here to view detailed instructions), switch to online mode, select the color from the drop-down box of the building block, and check the check box of the building block.


Step 2. Prepare a piece of black paper and place it under the quad-color sensor.


Note: Do not use white paper for testing.

When black paper is recognized as white:

  • Replace/plug the mbuild cable.
  • Replace the quad-color sensor
  • Replace the mBot Neo Shield
When black paper is correctly recognized but not with other colors:

5. mBot Neo failed to follow the line with the Quad RGB Sensor.

Step 1: Basic calibration

Place the mBot Neo on the map and double-press the button on the Quad RGB Sensor, then check the middle indicators (L1 and R1) while moving the mBot Neo horizontally back and forth across the line till the calibration is over with a notification sound.

Normally, the indicators turn on when they are above the white background and turn off when above the line.

Step 2: Check again with the preset line-following program, see Use the Preset Programs of mBot Neo

Scenario 1: it failed to recognize the line.

In this case, try calibration with mBlock 5. See Quad RGB Sensor Calibration with mBlock 5 

Scenario 2: it correctly recognized the line, but failed to follow the line.

In this case, try the following steps.

  • Replug/ replace the mBuild cable connecting the Quad RGB Sensor to the shield.

  • Replace the Shield.

  • Replace the Quad RGB Sensor.

  • Replace the motor(s).

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