About mBot


mBot is an award-winning programming robot developled by Makeblock. It has taken the heart of over 4,500,000 children around the world. Not only do children adore mBot's loving appearance, but they also love playing with it.


With a screwdriver and step-by-step instructions, children can build their own robot from scratch and enjoy the fun of hands-on creation. The building process provides a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to the basics of robotic machinery and electronic parts. They can easily get started with block-based programming to play with mBot.


Before playing with mBot, you need to build it. For details, see Building mBot.


mBot provides three preset modes. After building it, you can start to have fun with these modes. To know more about the preset modes, see Preset Modes of mBot.


To control mBot in your own way and explore more functions of mBot, you can program it with mBlock 5. See Programming mBot with mBlock 5.


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