How to connect 2.4G wireless serial with my mBot

This article applies to: mBot


There are three steps to use the 2.4G wireless serial for mBot and mBlock: Upgrade firmware for mBot with USB cable; Connect with 2.4G wireless serial; Program for mBot and run it online.


1. Upgrade firmware for mBot with USB cable.

2. Connect with 2.4G wireless serial: Remove the USB cable, plug the Wi-Fi dongle into your computer, the light on the mBot’s Wi-Fi module will stop blinking and be steady on. Go to the Connect -> 2.4G Serial –>Connect (Check that the mark stays on, if there is no check mark after you clicked on ‘Connect’, that means the 2.4G is still disconnected. In this case, please restart the mBlock software have a try).

3. Program for mBot and run it online: With 2.4G wireless serial connected, you will now find that you can run the mBot "on-line". That is, starting the command sequence with a choice from the Events category of commands: "When green flag clicked", "When SPACE key pressed", etc.

There is also a video to show these steps, you may have a look in this link:


PS: if you have a Ranger and bought a 2.4G module for it to replace Bluetooth module, please also refer to above methond to pair.

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  • I have tried this many times, but when I try to connect there is no option in the mBlock connect window to add 2.4G Serial. Do these instructions relate to the latest version of mBlock? I have v5.1.0 and am running it on Macosx Mojave.

    Also the video you linked to is from 2015 and looks nothing like the version of mBlock I have. Can you please provide new instructions that are up to date?


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