What is the difference between upgrade firmware and reset default program

This article applies to: mBot, mBot Ranger, Starter, Ultimate, Ultimate 2.0


Upgrade firmware

This firmware is a built-in program for online programming.


If you want to do the online program as below, we need to do upgrade firmware first.

 Online programming & offline programming

mBlock we defined two modes of programming, “online” and “offline”.
online” mode means programming robot with USB, Bluetooth and 2.4G connection; it is the computer that sends the instruction to the Robot;
offline” means using Arduino mode to program robot and upload the program into the controller; the instructions are running on the Robot;
The difference between “online” and “offline” programming is that “online” uses communication protocol to instruct Robot, while “offline” runs program on the board, so the “offline” mode has better efficiency.


Reset default program

This firmware is a preset factory program in the robot (such as manual control mode, obstacle avoidance mode, line inspection mode of mBot) in order to increase the robot's playability.

Under below situation we need to reset default program for the robot:

To run default program or controlling the robot with mobile App after we did “upload to Arduino”. For example you upload a program to mBot first and now you want to use Makeblock App to control it, then you need to reset default program. Surely if it is your first time to control it with Makeblock App and failed, you are also suggested to reset default program.

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