If you cannot detect any serial port when connect to mBlock 3.4.X, it may be caused by the following reasons.

  1. Failing to install Arduino driver.

Normally when we install mBlock software, Arduino driver will be installed automatically at the same time. But sometimes we may need to install Arduino driver manually.

Usually, we can select “Install Arduino Driver” under “connect” and install it easily.

For Mac OS users, you can also download and install correct driver as below says:

Below Mac OS sierra users, download this driver;  

Mac OS sierra users, download this driver;

Mac OS high sierra users, download this driver.

When choose Serial port under Connect->Serial Port, please choose port similar to /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410.

      2.The power switch of the main board (mCore) is not turned ON (this cause is only for mBot/mCore).

      3.The Bluetooth connection from the robot may occupied the serial port. So remove the Bluetooth(2.4g) module from the robot while using the USB cable.

      4.The USB port or USB cable is faulty. Please try changing the USB port (you may change the PC have a check either), USB cable etc.

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