Control Halocode's LEDs via Voice Command


Sign in to mBlock 5

Halocode needs to connect to the internet to use online speech recognition service. We need to sign in to mBlock 5 first.



Connect to the internet

1. Drag an Events block when Halocode starts up and a Wi-Fi block connect to Wi-Fi () password (). Input the Wi-Fi name and password.



2. We want to know when the Wi-Fi is successfully connected. Add a Control block wait (), a Wi-Fi block Wi-Fi is connected?, and a Lighting block show ().



Speech recognition

When the button is pressed, all LEDs will light up orange. The recognition process lasts for 2 seconds. When it's done, LED 1 will light up green.

3. Add an Events blocks when button is pressed and a Lighting block all LEDs light up (). Change the color to orange. Then add a Control block wait (1) seconds and a Lighting block show ().



4. Add a Wi-Fi block recognize (English) for (2) seconds, and a Lighting block light off all LEDs to light off all LEDs after the speech recognition is done.



Recognize "blue"

5. Add a Control block if () then () else and an Operators block () contains ()?. Add Wi-Fi block speech recognition result to the first box and input "blue" to the second box. If the speech recognition result contains "blue", all LEDs will light up blue. Add a Lighting block all LEDs light up ()



Recognize "red"

6. Likewise, we can recognize "red".



7. Upload the program. When Halocode connects to the internet successfully, try pressing the button and say "red" to the microphone. Then check the LEDs.

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