Extension—AI Service

The AI Service extension enables you to use the image, text, speed, and human body recognition, natural language processing, and other functions through Baidu AI services.

Add the AI Service extension

1. Click the Sprites tab and click + extension at the bottom of the Blocks area.


2. On the Extension center page that appears, click + Add at the bottom of AI Service.


After being added, the extension and its blocks are displayed in the Blocks area.


Use the AI Service blocks

Speech Recognition

The speed recognition function requires a microphone. It enables the program to record what you say and save the recorded speech in speech recognition result.

In addition, you can set the program to give targeted answers.


Text Recognition

The text recognition function enables the program to recognize the texts in a picture and save the recognized texts in text recognition result.


Image Recognition

The image recognition function enables the program to recognize objects through pictures, find the names of the objects through Baidu AI services, and save the names in image recognition result.


Human Body Recognition

The human body recognition function enables the program to recognize various body features, find the names of the features through Baidu AI services, and save the names in corresponding result reporting blocks.


Natural Language Processing

The natural language processing function enables the program to analyze each word in a sentence and save the analysis results, such as part of speech, sentiment, and semantic similarity, in the corresponding result reporting blocks.


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