13. mBot2 Won't Go in a Straight line

This guide applies to:

mBot2 and mBot Neo.


Routine Check


For details, please see this guide:

Routines for Troubleshooting CyberPi or mBot2 Issues


In a Nutshell



Step by Step

#1 Add the mBot2 Shield extension.


Not sure how to connect mBot2 to CyberPi? See the below link:

How to Connect mBot2 to mBlock 5

#2 Run the Program and Check the Error

Put mBot2 on a straight course. Drag the blocks:

  1. "when button B pressed";

  2. "moves forward at 70 RPM (Revolutions per minute)";

  3. "moves forward 120 cm until done".

Left-click the block and press Button B on the slide.

See how far the device deviates from the straight course.

See if mBot goes in a straight line:


Measure the offset value:

If the offset value is less than 24.8cm, the motor works properly.

If not, please contact customer support for further advice.


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