21. The Servo Is Blocked

This article applies to:

mBot2, and mBot Neo.


Routine Check

Refer to the quick steps below to rule out basic issues.


For details, please see this guide: Routines for Troubleshooting CyberPi or mBot2 Issues


What You See

When you connect the steering servo to mBot2,

It moves as if something is blocked and makes a noise.

How to Solve it

The maximum twisting force of this servo is 1.5kg.

If the servo is overloaded, it will jitter or even get blocked at the tipping point.

The servo may be faulty, please contact service@makeblock.com for further advice.


Pay Attention

Running a locked steering engine for too long can damage it. The heat generated by the blocked engine can cause it to burn out and fail.

Note: A locked rotor occurs when a steering engine is overloaded and cannot rotate. A steering engine normally experiences a certain amount of resistance or load during normal operation, but if the resistance or load is too great, the engine will lock up.

When a locked steering engine is running, it may make abnormal noises or vibrate. It will also not be able to rotate as expected, which could cause the device or system to malfunction.


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