12. mBlock 5 Won't Upload Program to CyberPi

This guide applies to:

mBot2, mBot2 Neo, and CyberPi.


Routine Check

Refer to the quick steps below to rule out basic issues.

In a Nutshell


Possible Cause 1: The Machine Is Not Switched On

Please turn on the switch on the mBot2 shield.

Possible Cause 2: Errors in Programming

Upload "Example Programs" to check if your program has mistakes.

If the example program can be uploaded, please upload programs in the form of example programs.

If not, the hardware is faulty. Please contact contactservice@makeblock.com for further advice.


Possible Cause 3: Firmware Not Up to Date

Please refer to this article to update the firmware of CyberPi and try again.

How to Update CyberPi Firmware


If the issue still persists, the hardware of the robot is faulty.

Please contact customer support for further advice.


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How to Update CyberPi Firmware


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