22. CyberPi Displays Red Error Messages

This guide applies to:

mBot2, mBot Neo, and CyberPi.


Routine Check

Refer to the quick steps below to rule out basic issues.


For details, please see this guide:https://support.makeblock.com/hc/en-us/articles/15959305251223


In a Nutshell



Step by Step

Possible Cause 1: Old Firmware.

Solution: Upgrade the firmware for your CyberPi as shown below.


For details, please see this guide: https://support.makeblock.com/hc/en-us/articles/15810997673495


Possible Cause 2: Wrong Programming Block

Solution: Try with the official example.

1. Go to Tutorials > Example Programs.


2. Pick a program, upload it, and give it a try.


3. If everything works out just fine with the example program:

  #1 Use the example program instead

  #2 Or, check the program you wrote and debug

  #3 Or, send the program to customer service for advice

Possible Cause 3: Illegal Block Variable Name

Solution: Fix the Python code in mBlock.

Make sure you do the following steps in the live mode.

This will enable CyberPi to report errors on its screen.

1. On the screen of CyberPi, find the line number of the code that is not working.


2. On the block editing screen in mBlock 5, click on the </> sign at the upper right edge.


3. Locate the code in mBlock 5 using the line number, edit it and try again.



Possible Cause 4: Outdated mBlock File

Solution: Fix the red error blocks in mBlock.

If you save a file from an older version of mBlock, it may not be compatible.

1. Delete the block that shows a red error message.


2. Go to the Extension Center by clicking on the Extension button in mBlock.


3. On the Device Extensions tab, click the green download sign to update the extension.


4. If all the red error messages on the blocks go away after editing, yet the error message on the CyberPi remains, please backup your codes, delete the entire program, and create a new one from scratch.


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