Update the Firmware of mBot Mega

Use the mBlock 5 web version as an example:

1. Download and install mLink on your computer.

Download link: https://mblock.makeblock.com/en-us/download 


2. Open mBlock and add mBot Mega.

Open mLink and click Create now in the mBlock block-based editor area to open mBlock.


Add mBot Mega from the device library. 


3. Connect mBot Mega and update the firmware.

Use a USB cable to connect mBot Mega to your computer, and then click Connect on mBlock.


After mBot Mega is connected to mBlock, click Update.


Two firmware versions are available: Online firmware and Factory firmware.

The difference between the two versions is described as follows:

Online firmware

Without ex-factory programs. In online programming mode or when you use the app to remotely control mBot Mega, this version is recommended. The programs you compile won't be affected by the preset programs.

Factory firmware

Restore the ex-factory programs (gesture recognition, obstacle avoidance, and line following). When you use this firmware version, the sensors must be connected to the specified ports according to the instructions of the manual, otherwise the sensors can't work properly when you execute the programs.



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  • i did all this how shown on pictures, but it writes me can't download firmware, try again. When i am trying again it doesn't works too


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