Control mBot Mega with the Makeblock App

Download and install the Makeblock app

Only version 3.6.0 or later of the Makeblock app supports mBot Mega.

Search for Makeblock in the App Store to download and install the Makeblock app.


Connect mBot Mega to the Makeblock App

1. Enable Bluetooth on your smart device (tablet is recommended).
2. Turn on your mBot Mega.
3. Open the Makeblock app, tap the icon mceclip0.png, and select mBot Mega.
4. Click the Bluetooth icon to allow Makeblock to enable Bluetooth. Makeblock automatically searches for devices that can be connected.
5. Put your smart device close to mBot Mega.
Makeblock connects to mBot Mega and displays a message indicating that mBot Mega is connected.


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  • once youve done that how do you make it start?


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