Troubleshooting on mTiny

1. The joystick on my tap pen controller doesn't work properly?

After being used for a long time, the joystick may fail to perform precise control. In this case, you need to calibrate it.

1. Start the calibration.

Press and hold the two buttons for 2 seconds.


The indicator blinks alternately in blue and green.


2. Push the joystick fully forward and then release it.


3. Push/pull the joystick fully in the other three directions and then release it to complete the calibration.


Note: If you do not release the joystick and let the joystick return to the joystick home operation, but directly push up to the bottom, and then directly push down to the bottom for calibration operation, this calibration method will be a problem, the phenomenon is the mTiny will move uncontrollably.

4. Exit calibration.

Press and hold the two buttons for 2 seconds.


2. Why can't I charge my mTiny?

Re-plug the charging cable to prevent charging abnormalities caused by poor connection.


3. My mTiny can't make a sound, but it can recognize the scene map normally (the screen will have an effect)?

First, it is recommended to restart the device and turn the knob to the maximum volume (try several times) to see if the fault persists.

If the fault persists, update the firmware( and test the device after a successful update.

4. My mTiny did not go straight and the turning angle has error?

mTiny uses OID recognition, place it on the map will be more accurate.


5. mTiny does not turn 90 degrees normally when executing a command card instruction to turn left or right, but turns more than 100 degrees?

Update the firmware(, wait for the successful update and try the command again.


6. When upgrading the firmware on MacOS system, it prompts that the upgrade was unsuccessful, but there is enough disk space left in the mTiny to copy the firmware package?

Use Windows system to connect with mTiny, copy the firmware package to upgrade.


7. mTiny can't recognize the map or the walking is not accurate:


  1. Check whether the sensor at the bottom of the device is blocked. The place indicated in the figure above can't be blocked. 
  2.  Update the firmware (Firmware Update Reference)

8. What should I do if the rocker cap on the tap pen controller comes off?

If the rubber cap of the joystick of the point control pen falls off accidentally, you can refer to the following operation video to reassemble it.


9. About the automatic shutdown protection mechanism of mTiny

mTiny Discover Kit turns off automatically in 20 minutes without operation and the mTiny Coding Kit in 5 minutes.


10. The mTiny joystick controls forward abnormally, or shuts down

Step 1: Disassemble the machine (refer to the disassembly video on how to replace the motor below), and observe whether there is a TVS tube. If you have a soldering iron, you can try to remove the TVS tube, if not, go to the third step.



Step 2: Cross test the motor to determine whether the motor is faulty and replace the motor (refer to the video below). If the problem persists, proceed to the last step.

Step 3: Contact to replace a new motherboard for you.

Disassembly steps:

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the bottom 4 screws.


2. Refer to the video to disassemble and replace the motor:


11. Why are mTiny eyes not displayed (full white)?

1. Update the firmware (Firmware Update Reference)

2. If the adapter board is faulty, please contact


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