What is mBot Neo/mBot2?


mBot Neo/mBot2 is designed for children in upper primary or high schools to learn coding, science and technology, and robotics. 

With a screwdriver and step-by-step instructions, children can build their own robot from scratch and enjoy the fun of hands-on creation. By building their robots, children can get to know the basics of robotic machinery and electronic parts.

mBot Neo is highly integrated and extensible. You can use it to design various robot projects. It can work with Makeblock metal parts, mBuild modules, and third-party electronic modules and structural parts to extend its structures and functions.



As shown in the preceding figure, mBot Neo uses CyberPi as its main control board and is equipped with multiple electronic modules, including mBot2 Shield, ultrasonic sensor 2, quad RGB sensor, and encoder motors. For the functions and features of the electronic modules, see:


mBot Neo Shield

Ultrasonic sensor 2

Quad RGB sensor

Encoder motor

Before using mBot Neo, you need to build it. For details, see Building mBot Neo.

After building mBot Neo, you can control it with the Makeblock mobile app, use the preset programs, and program it with mBlock 5.


Controlling mBot Neo with the Makeblock App


Using the preset programs of mBot Neo


Programming mBot Neo with mBlock 5

Programming mBot Neo with the Mobile mBlock 5 App


For more information, check below:


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  • Why do you advertise this on mBot Neo?  -  The robotics kid for kids with more than 500 sensors and electronic components boasts artificial intelligence functions such as learning ai, data science, voice control, and other open-source hardware.  There are no adaptable modules or sensors on the website that can be purchased for the mBot Neo!  Unless I'm missing something. 

  • I have the same robot and it took me a while to figure this out. You can use any of the MBuild components since this robot is built off the CyberPI with an MBuild port. Take a look at this kit. I just found it through a third party site. https://education.makeblock.com/product/p1020007/

    Also, more generally, go to the bottom of this mage under Secondary Education and you will see the mBot 2 (Neo). And all the compatible stuff. https://education.makeblock.com/hardware/

    Not sure why they made it so hard to figure this out, but I finally go there. Good luck!


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