FAQs on Codey Rocky

1. Can I connect Codey Rocky to my phone through Bluetooth?

Yes, you can. Codey Rocky can be connected to a phone or tablet with the Bluetooth function .


2. What can I do with Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle?

Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle can be used to implement wireless communication between Codey Rocky and your computer.


3. Is Codey Rocky delivered with Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle?

No, you need to purchase one if it is required. Codey Rocky supports only the bluetooth dongle released by Makeblock official. To implement wireless communication between Codey Rocky and your computer to achieve fast uploading, Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle is recommended.


4. Both my computer and phone have the Bluetooth function. Do I still need to purchase Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle?

a. Codey Rocky can connect to mobile devices directly through Bluetooth. No Bluetooth dongle is required.

b. To connect Codey Rocky to a computer wirelessly, you need to purchase Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle.


5. Can I use Rocky without Codey?

Rocky is a chassis designed for Codey. It must work together with Codey. 


6. How long can I use Codey Rocky after fully charging it?

After being fully charged, Codey Rocky can run for 2 hours.


7. Is it possible to use previous purchased Makeblock sensors on Codey Rocky?

With a variety of built-in sensors, Codey Rocky can meet all basic creation needs. Codey Rocky is compatible with Makeblock's Neuron electronic building block platform, it can be used with Neuron extension to achieve more functions.


8. Is Codey Rocky only white color?

At present, Codey Rocky only has white models.


9. Can Codey Rocky realize voice conversation?

Codey Rocky itself does not have a voice recognition module. However, combine neuron speech recognition module with Codey Rocky can realize voice control.


10. Does sound sensors only detect if the sound exists?

It can detect the sound level.


11. Does Codey Rocky support OTA upgrade?

Currently, Codey Rocky firmware upgrade isn't support by APP, the subsequent version update may take this demand into consideration.


12. What can I do with the interface on the back of Rocky?

The pogopin magnet interface is compatible with the Neuron interface, allowing users to use the pogopin with the Neuron on mblock software.


13. Does Codey Rocky support online debugging?

Codey Rocky support online debugging. Please note that after you connect to the live mode on Mac system, you need to manually switch to upload mode and then switch back to live mode to make online debugging effective.


14. Can I update the firmware of Codey Rocky using the mBlock 5 app on my phone?

No, but you can update the firmware on the mBlock 5 PC client or mBlock 5 on the web. 


15. How to update the firmware of Codey Rocky?

(1) Connect Codey Rocky to the mBlock 5 PC client or mBlock 5 on the web.

Please click the following link for details:

After connecting to Codey Rocky, mBlock 5 automatically checks the firmware version of your Codey, and if a latest version is available, it will prompt you to update the firmware. 


Note: If no prompt is displayed, which means the firmware has updated to the latest one, and no update is reuqired.

(2) Click Update, and then click Update Firmware.


Wait for the update to be completed, and then click OK.



16. Where can I find the IoT extensions?

Select the device "Codey" at the bottom of stage, in the block selection area, click "+", select extensions and you can find the IoT module inside.






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