FAQs on Ultimate 2.0

Q1. Why doesn't the robot work after being powered on? The main board suddenly restarts when I try to drive motors.

  1. The robot might be running out of battery. Charge the batteries or use new batteries.

Note: Use batteries with low internal resistance, so that they can supply sufficient power for the robot.

  1. Make sure you've downloaded related program or firmware for the robot. Otherwise, it won't be running.
  2. Check if the motors on the robot are wired correctly.


Q2. When I try to turn the robot to the left, it turns to the right. Why and how to fix this problem?

You may need to change the wiring, switching the two wires (Port 1, Port 2) to correct the rotation direction.


Q3. Why is there noise after I got the robot tank running?

a. Check if the driven wheels are correctly installed.

b. Adjust the bearings of the driven wheel to make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

c. Ensure that the encoder disk and the interface of the photoelectric switch are separated from each other.



Q4. What can I do if I can't connect the app with the robot via Bluetooth?

Try restarting the app or reset the main control board on the robot.



Q5: How to upgarde the firmware of  MegaPi

  1. Open the mBlock 5 PC client or ide.mblock.cc.
  2. Connect Ultimate 2.0 to your PC with a USB cable, connect Ultimate 2.0 to mBlock 5, and then upgrade firmware as prompted.



Q6: Where can I find other forms of building tutorials?

For more building details of Ultimate 2.0, see "Building instructions" in About Ultimate 2.0.

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