FAQs on mBot Ranger

1. How to start mBot Ranger?

Press the red button on the main control board to start mBot Ranger.

2. Why does mBot Ranger move in the opposite direction?

It may be caused by the inverse connection of motor cables. Swap the connecting positions of the motors connected to port M1 and port M2 on the main control board.

3. Why are nuts on mBot Ranger getting looser?

The more time you use mBot Ranger, the looser Nut M4 becomes. You can tighten the nuts with a wrench.

4. Why can't I read the value of the ultrasonic sensor or line follower sensor from the App?

It may be caused by an incorrect connection of the sensor. Check if the ultrasonic sensor or line follower sensor is correctly connected.

5. Why can't the value of the light sensor be normally displayed?

It may be detection failure caused by the lighting of RGB LED on the main control board. Check if any RGB LED is on and affects the light sensor.

6. Why can't the line follower sensor detect black path?

(1) It may be caused by intense light exposure in the surroundings. Keep the exposed line follower sensor away from the surrounding light.

(2) It may be because there is a great distance between the line follower sensor and the ground. Keep the line follower sensor less than 2cm from the ground.

7. When do I need to replace batteries?

(1) mBot Ranger moves slowly or even restarts automatically when it turns around or encounters an obstacle.

(2) mBot Ranger still doesn't move even when you set its moving speed at the maximum value.

(3) mBot Ranger can't keep balance or is prone to falls when it moves or turns around.

8. How to update firmware?

(1) Connect hardware

In the picture below, an Apple computer is used, so an adapter is needed. If a computer with Windows operating system is used, you can directly connect mBot Ranger to the computer.


(2) Download and install mBlock 5

Download link: https://mblock.makeblock.com/en-us/download/


(3) Open mBlock 5, select mBot Ranger, connect mBot Ranger, find the firmware, and click Update.

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