FAQs on mBot Ranger

1. How to turn the robot on?

Press one of the red buttons on the main control board.


2. How to turn the robot off?

Press and hold one of the red buttons on the main control board.


3. I want to know whether the main control board is powered by USB 5V or a power supply of 6–12V.


When it is powered by USB 5V, the USB indicator is lit up in red. When it is powered by a power supply of 6–12 V, the power indicator is lit up in green. When both indicators are lit up, the power supply of 6–12 V is used.


4. Why do the M4 nuts keep coming loose?

The M4 nuts will come loose if you run the robot for a long time. Use the wrench and screwdriver to tighten them.


5. How do I know when it's time to replace the batteries?

Replace the batteries when: 

  • Land Raider and Dashing Raptor move very slowly and even automatically restart while turning or bumping into things.
  • Land Raider and Dashing Raptor don’t move when you set the motor speed to the full power.


6. How do I replace the batteries conveniently?

Method 1: Install the battery case using the M3 nut and M3*8 screws in the accessories bags.

You can quickly remove the battery box within 10 seconds. Please watch the video tutorial.

Method 2: Disassemble four nuts to replace the battery. Refer to the picture below.

①Land raider  


②Dashing raptor


③Nervous bird



7. How can I update firmware for mBot Ranger?

You can restore the factory settings of mBot Ranger by restoring its firmware on mBlock 5.

1. After connecting mBot Ranger to mBlock 5, click Setting. For details about how to connect mBot Ranger, see Programming mBot Ranger with mBlock 5.


2. Click Update Firmware.


3. Click to select an available version, and click Updates.



8. When I restart the robot, the RGB LED light flashes irregularly. What should I do?

Wait for 10 seconds and restart the robot.


9. How to use the ranger test version?

Please refer to the online tutorials .


10. What should I do if the motor gets hot after a long time of operation?

Stop working or turn off until it cool down.


11. How can I restore the factory settings of mBot Ranger?

Step 1: Make sure you have download and install mBlock5
Step 2: Connect your Ranger to your computer.
Step 3: Open mBlock, then select the correct serial port from the menu "Connect" option, and select Me Auriga from the "Control " option.  
Step 4: Click connect->upgrade firmware and wait for 100% of the installation progress to complete.  


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