Use the Preset Modes of mBot


To use the peset Modes of mBot, you need to update the factory firmware for mBot.

Preset modes available

Obstacle avoidance mode

Infrared remote control mode

Line following mode

Switch between preset modes

The infrared remote control mode is the default mode, and you can use the infrared remote controller or the on-board button to switch between the modes. 


How do I know which mode mBot is in?

The color of the LED on the main board indicates the mode.
blobid0.png White: infrared remote control mode
blobid1.png Green: obstacle avoidance mode
blobid2.png Blue: line following mode

Obstacle avoidance mode

In obstacle avoidance mode, mBot moves and avoids obstacles autonomously.


Infrared remote control mode

A special infrared remote controller is included in the package. You can use the remote control to control mBot, such as its speed and direction.

Place your mBot on smooth and flat ground.


Line following mode

In line-following mode, mBot moves autonomously along the black lines on the map.


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