Program Ultimate 2.0 in Python

Download the Arduino library for Makeblock

Copy the makeblock folder to your Arduino default library. Your Arduino library folder should now look like this

  • (On Windows): [x:\Users\XXX\Documents]\Arduino\libraries\makeblock\src
  • (On Mac OSX): [\Users\XXX\Documents]\Arduino\libraries\makeblock\src

Open Arduino IDE, click File > Examples and select the firmware.


Compile and upload firmware according to your board type.

Prepare for Raspberry Pi

On your Raspberry Pi, disable the login prompt from Desktop > Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration.


Install Python library for Makeblock

sudo pip install megapi


The initial code for python:

from megapi import *
bot = MegaPi()
bot.start() #if using usb cable, need to call bot.start('/dev/ttyACM0')

Start to write your py. file.


Use MegaPi.


Use Me Shield for Raspberry Pi and RJ25 cable for Me Orion or Me Baseboard.

Note: By default, no connector for Raspberry Pi is provided on MegaPi. To connect to Raspberry Pi, you need to weld the connector (2 × 10 pins) on MegaPi first. Avoid short circuit during the welding.


Use a USB cable for Me Orion or Me Baseboard.


See the source code at

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  • Hi,

    Can you provide a video and/or further exaplanations and examples of the hardware required (Rpi versions, required connections, wireless options...) to program the Ultimate with Python?




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