Case 5 - Program the mTiny robot by building scenes

Part 1 Objective

Know how to use themed map blocks to build scenes for the mTiny robot and make the mTiny robot complete robot-scene interactions.

Part 2 Preparation

  • mTiny robot
  • Tap pen controller
  • Instruction cards
  • Themed map blocks

Part 3 Steps

1. Use town-themed map blocks to make the mTiny robot complete robot-scene interactions: the mTiny robot performs different actions on different themed map blocks.

eff93d0d-7221-4e1c-8eff-888e31d36c83.gif ac2a216d-ee4b-49e7-a0c3-fb2ddf28237c.gif

2. Experience special scenes set for the themed map blocks: there are some special scenes. Only when the mTiny robot acts as a policeman can it catch a thief. And only when the mTiny robot acts as a doctor can it save a patient. So you need to make the mTiny robot become a policeman and a doctor by placing it on the police station block and the hospital block respectively ahead of time.

94d3769b-c44b-4265-8bac-cb64fd753ea0.gif ad77353d-80d3-41bc-b272-5e0958d48134.gif

3. Make the mTiny robot complete tasks on town-themed map blocks: program the mTiny robot with instruction cards to complete tasks such as "a policeman catching a thief" and "a doctor saving a patient" according to the themed map blocks.

c0d6efb7-4ce9-4ca8-8999-0c79ed980f3a.gif 4be756c4-7169-4d4e-85dd-8b09dc653746.gif

[Parentheses-related instructions: place a multiplication instruction card behind a pair of parentheses, and then you can make the mTiny robot execute the instructions inside the parentheses multiple times.]

4. Experience special settings for the themed map blocks: in order to make tasks more challenging, the mTiny robot can't pass through the roadblocks on both sides of the road on the map and it feels dizzy when it runs into a roadblock.

f46cea22-3c6f-4f5f-b03d-b381e726419f.gif 95e5c4d4-1586-41b9-ac56-7b00a1c2b688.gif

Part 4 Practice

Use themed map blocks to build your own town and try to handle the incidents happening in the town.

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