Case 3 - Use themed map blocks to complete mask-scene interactions

Part 1 Objective

Know how to use themed map blocks to help the mTiny robot complete mask-scene interactions.

Part 2 Preparation

  • mTiny robot
  • Tap pen controller
  • Instruction cards
  • 3 character masks
  • Themed map blocks
  • Storybook

Part 3 Steps

1. Mask the mTiny robot: wear different masks for the mTiny robot.

f466927c-2886-4f3a-8fac-c9ed9a725e8d.gif df0c15d5-4377-4f8a-b8a1-34c031371a8f.png

2. Make the mTiny robot interact with themed map blocks: place the mTiny robot wearing different masks on the themed map blocks where there are corresponding animal images, and then you can hear different sounds and see different lighting effects on the eyes of the mTiny robot.

e5bca6a2-f3bd-4fd0-ad75-cafd9699e1d1.gif 9c277a66-0794-4294-8a5d-770a05197773.gif a279dfad-e593-483a-a831-bb2696e5d319.gif

3. The animal characters enter different scenes on the themed map blocks prepared for them separately.
[Refer to the storybook for more information about interactions.]

4749575e-ee77-4435-a992-d5d7aa57fa09.gif aaf46237-d76d-4c00-837a-5dc1788da466.gif

Part 4 Practice

Wear different masks for the mTiny robot to help it act as different animal characters and pass the game levels in the storybook.

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