Case 2 - Program the mTiny robot with instruction cards

Part 1 Objective

Know how to use instruction cards and make the mTiny robot move by using the instruction cards.

Part 2 Preparation

  • mTiny robot
  • Tap pen controller
  • Instruction cards

Part 3 Steps

1. Build a programming framework with instruction cards: arrange the instruction cards in order with the yellow "start entering instructions" card in front and the green "start executing instructions" card at the back.

fbb626d5-fa76-4d1c-a916-b65b3885de4a.jpg de5dfeee-7ec8-4ee7-b287-d9abea2b0f6a.jpg

2. Program and control the mTiny robot with instruction cards: use the tap pen controller to touch the instruction cards one by one, and then the mTiny robot will move following the instructions.

ac48c844-c374-41c5-880c-7f8c89b952d3.gif 5e63c7c2-3437-4c11-a1bb-cf011bd2fafd.gif

3. Explore more fun by programming with purple instruction cards: you can add purple instruction cards to the programming framework to make the mTiny robot move with expressions.

e3aa8b29-79d9-4c46-99e4-12138855bafd.gif 07075c61-e481-4b89-8009-11ff242a717e.gif

[Note: The tap pen controller vibrates slightly every time it touches an instruction card, and the indicators on both sides of the mTiny robot blink green when the yellow "start entering instructions" card is touched.]

Part 4 Practice

Design some complex moves and use instruction cards to make the mTiny robot perform the movements.

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