Use mBlock Blockly to Program mBot


The mBlock Blockly is designed for programming mBot.

1. Preparation

Before you start, make sure that you've got:

  • A tablet or smart phone

mceclip1.png or mceclip3.png

  • mBot


If you haven't completed the building of mBot, refer to "Build mBot" to build it first.

2. Download the mBlock Blockly App

Android: click here to download.

iOS: Search for mBlock Blockly in App Store to download.

3. Connect mBot to the mBlock Blockly app

(1) Enable the Bluetooth function on the tablet.


(2) Power on mBot.


(3) Tap to open the mBlock Blockly app.


(4) Tap the connection icon in the upper-right corner and place your smart device close to mBot.


The app searches for devices that can be connected and connects to your mBot. After connecting to your mBot, the app displays the icon indicating the successful connection.


4. Start to play games or write programs


Play games

After you tap to play games, follow the instructions to play all the games. After you win a game, the next one is unlocked, and after you win all the games at a level, the next level is unlocked.

mceclip13.png mceclip14.png

Write programs

After you tap Create, you can start to write a program for mBot. 

Tips: If you've never written a program before, you can play games first to get familiar with block-based programming.

Let's write a simple program to make mBot move.



After you tap mceclip19.png, mBot keeps moving, and it turns right for one second each time it detects an obstacle. 

Now, have a try! Write your own program for mBot.


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