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mBot Ranger is an advanced version of mBot. It provides three preset forms, namely Land Raider, Dashing Raptor, and Nervous Bird. By building, controlling, and programming mBot Ranger, children can enjoy their STEAM learning. Starting from entry-level robot programming, they can advance their learning step by step and exercise their problem-solving capabilities.


List of items



Meet the components

Me Auriga


Me Auriga is the updated version of Orion and is equipped with multiple on-board sensors for temperature and sound intensity, a gyroscope, and a buzzer driver. It features a one-key power switch, wireless Bluetooth control and firmware upgrade capability. The original two red ports have been updated to four ports with the same functions. Port 5 is isolated only with serial communication function, so it cannot be used to update a program but only for communication. It is also compatible with USB serial ports. Ports 6-10 are compatible with dual digital, analog, I²C bus, unibus, and analog serial ports. Me Auriga has an encoder motor port, a smart servo port and an LED Ring Light Panel port (with a power switch). The size of PCB is also enlarged.

For more information, see About Me Auriga.

Me Ultrasonic Sensor

Me Ultrasonic Sensor is an electronic module designed for distance detection. The distance range it can detect is 3–400 cm. mBot Ranger can use this module to avoid obstacles or for other programs about distance detection. The yellow tag on the interface of this module indicates that it is a single digital interface and that it should be connected to a port with the yellow tag on the main control board.

For more information, see About Me Ultrasonic Sensor (for mBot Ranger).

Me Line Follower

Me Line Follower is designed for line-following robots. There are two sensors, each with an IR transmitting LED and an IR static induction phototransistor. mBot Ranger can move along a black line on a white background or a white line on a black background. It features fast detection and simple circuits. The blue tag on the interface of this module indicates that it is a dual digital interface and that it should be connected to a port with the blue tag on the main control board.

For more information, see About Me Line Follower.

Photoelectric Encoder Motor 180 RPM


The Photoelectric Encoder Motor 180 RPM is equipped with an optical encoder that enables high-accuracy control. With two M4 threaded holes on each of the three sides, it can be easily connected to Makeblock mechanical parts and thus can be used flexibly in combination with other parts. The customized material it uses reduces noise and promises large output torque. It supports multiple motor drivers and main control boards, such as Orion, MegaPi, MegaPi Pro, and Me Auriga.

For more information, see About Photoelectric Encoder Motor 180 RPM (for mBot Ranger).

Assemble mBot Ranger

Use of the screwdriver


Use of the wrench


Build a Land Raider

(For more information, see Build a Land Raider)

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


No AA batteries are included in this kit.

Step 11


Step 12


Step 13


Step 14


Step 15


Step 16

Connect the left and right motors to the corresponding ports.


Step 17


Step 18


Wiring tips


Alternatively, you may build the other two forms of mBot Ranger by referring to the below links.

Build a Dashing Raptor

Build a Nervous Bird


Programming examples

Control/ Program with app(s) on your smart devices:

Program with mBlock 5 on your computer:

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Thank you for choosing mBot Ranger! We hope you can enjoy your journey with mBot Ranger, using it for self-learning and development. We are committed to contributing to a better education.


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